Gundam: Whispers From Beyond

Session 0
Something Amiss

Late in the night the buzzers sound with the alarm of another emergency.

The Heros are sent to find a missing operative and quickly discover that something is wrong at the London Residence of the subject she was watching. The doors are unlocked and the alarms are deactivated…and no one seems to be home.

They find the hidden basement level and the wounded woman who trained them in the G Group. Jan Tsukiko aka “Takanaki”.


The warehouse was full of Mech parts similar to the next gen parts used on their own Gundams. Could someone be smuggling parts to the alien invaders?

In the rear they find an intact Mecha built from the pieces retrieved. It seems that the invaders may have made some advances to the tech of the G Group integrating their own systems into the mix.



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